Aníbal Gómez afirma que Ojete Calor no tenía como objetivo llenar el WiZink, de lo contrario, habría sido llamado IZAL.

Aníbal Gómez and Carlos Areces are known in the music industry as Aníbal Ojete and Carlos Calor, their alter egos on stage. The duo has been performing in legendary music venues across Spain, from the success at WiZink Center last November to the sold-out show at Sant Jordi Club this spring. However, as Gómez admits, the reason for their success is inexplicable.

In an interview with Europa Press, Gómez says that anyone paying to watch Ojete Calor perform does so because they have good taste and know how to have a good time. He also explains that as the group’s “representative,” he acknowledges that the band’s success is a result of a joke that has gotten out of hand.

He details how the idea for the group came to life, including album titles, covers, and costumes. The duo also faced the challenge of finding the perfect band name, and ultimately decided on Ojete Calor when their initial choice, The Beatles, was already taken.

Eighteen years ago, when the idea for the group first emerged, it never occurred to them that they would one day sell out major venues like WiZink Center. Nevertheless, it’s a reality that they both enjoy. Their songs that were initially designed for a small audience have now transformed into an “Ojete Calor” universe that continuously changes and evolves.

Aníbal Gómez admits that he cannot explain why their concerts always fill stadiums, but he believes it’s because people simply want to have a good time. He also notes that the group’s everyday themes humanize their music, allowing their audience to laugh and relate to their songs.

The duo’s current tour will make a stop at the Warm Up festival in Murcia on April 29th, followed by Quarter General Luque in Inca, Mallorca on the same day. On May 6th, Aníbal Gómez will perform a daytime session in Cuenca before heading to Valencia’s Flow Fest later that evening. On May 13th, the Kursaal in Donosti will be rocked by the duo, followed by a performance at Alicante’s Spring Festival on May 27th.

On July 1st, they will perform at Vive Nigrán in Pontevedra, followed by a show in Villanueva de la Jara on July 29th, a town that Aníbal Gómez proudly calls home. The duo will perform in Pineda de Mar on August 5th before making an appearance at Sonorama Ribera in August (exact date TBD). They will also perform in Fuengirola on August 25th, at Caudal Fest in Lugo on September 16th, and finally at Brava Madrid on September 22nd, concluding their current tour.

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