El viernes, The Limboos renueva y presenta su nuevo proyecto en Cuenca con un estilo cocido a fuego lento.

The Limboos Returns to Cuenca Eight Years After Performing at Sala Babylon

The legendary venue of the capital was closing down when The Limboos were taking their first steps, and this Friday, starting at eleven in the evening, they will have the opportunity to showcase their evolved sound at Directo Cuenca. According to Sergio Alarcón, one of the founders of the band, The Limboos are facing the current stage as a new rebirth that has been brewing during the pandemic years. Despite not losing their essence, the band is expanding their sonic spectrum towards psychedelic rock and black music, incorporating influences from artists such as Morricone, Scott Walker, and Serge Gainsbourg.

Alarcón believes that the band’s personal growth and musical evolution have been a result of their willingness to explore new territories and experiment with their sound. He acknowledges that they have had to let go of some limitations and preconceptions to achieve this, but the end result is a balanced album that caters to all musical preferences.

The pandemic has affected the band’s ability to perform onstage and generate an audience, but they have been hard at work honing their craft during these two years. They have welcomed this time to explore and perfect their music, resulting in an album that reflects their journey and creative process.

The Limboos are eager to perform in front of a live audience, and they invite both old and new fans to come and witness their growth firsthand. Alarcón also makes an appeal to support local music scenes, especially in the context of the pandemic, as it is crucial for the growth and emergence of new talent.

Overall, The Limboos have come a long way since their Sala Babylon days, and their latest performance at Directo Cuenca promises to be a testament to their growth and musical evolution.

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