Aníbal Gómez de Ojete Calor: «No planeábamos una audiencia masiva en el WiZink, de ser así, nos habríamos llamado IZAL»

Aníbal Gómez and Carlos Areces, known by their stage names Aníbal Ojete and Carlos Calor respectively, have been filling legendary music venues across Spain. From their successful show at the WiZink in November to their sold-out performance at the Sant Jordi Club this spring, the duo’s success has no clear explanation, according to Gomez. He argues that those who pay to see Ojete Calor do so because they have good taste and know how to prioritize having fun.

Despite being the group’s spokesperson, Gomez admits that their journey is “a joke that has gone a bit out of hand.” The idea for the band was born 18 years ago and their songs were initially intended for a small audience. Today, the universe of Ojete Calor is constantly evolving, with a powerful and important wardrobe that deserves a thesis of its own.

Gomez cannot quite explain why Ojete Calor is filling stadiums, but he believes that people simply want to have a good time. Their lyrics, which touch on everyday topics, are relatable, and their ability to make people laugh is what makes them stand out.

The duo’s tour will continue with upcoming shows in Murcia, Inca, Valencia, Cuenca, Donosti, Alicante, Nigrán, Villanueva de la Jara, Pineda de Mar, Sonorama Ribera, Fuengirola, Albacete, Lugo, and Madrid.

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