Ideas de CS Cuenca buscan ser «decisivas» al reorganizar el control y mejorar las comunicaciones en el Ayuntamiento.

Cristina Elena Fuentes, candidate for the mayor of Cuenca from the political party Ciudadanos, considers several measures as essential for the next legislative term. Among these are the need to reorganize the internal control of the city council, increasing security and cleanliness in the city, and investing in communications to prevent missing the opportunity to have a good train system. According to Fuentes, the city’s policies are inadequate, and the situation is causing the city to drift. Ciudadanos aims for a change in direction and has plans to join the government, with the objective of implementing measures that will make a difference in Cuenca.

Fuentes believes that the most significant problem affecting Cuenca during this legislative term is a breakdown in communication due to the loss of the railway system, which has resulted in disconnection from the rest of the province, the region, and the country. She emphasizes the need to work towards reversing this situation by improving communication. According to her, Ciudadanos brings fresh ideas and a genuine desire for change, that will promote progress and bring about true change in the city.

Fuentes highlights the need for transparency and control in the workings of the city council that has been sadly lacking in recent years. Ciudadanos aims to provide new hope and optimism for the future, and to introduce policies that will promote progress and development. However, if there is a possibility of forming an alliance and joining a coalition government, the political party will adhere only to principles that align with their policies, irrespective of political color. The most important aim is to ensure the implementation of programs and policies that will clean away the dust and stagnancy of past politics.

Finally, Fuentes affirms that Ciudadanos stands opposed to any pact that aligns the government, the city council, and the provincial government with the same political party. Such an arrangement would only result in more significant losses for Cuenca as authorities would function solely to maintain their political dominance. The political party has the vision and the ideas to work with all parties, irrespective of color, to enrich and bring prosperity to the city of Cuenca.

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